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Businesses Consulting

As a journey of change and a means to helping our clients to make a transition from one state to another, we contribute to organisational excellence through our advisory and consultancy services for public and private organisations.

Our rigorously screened teams consisting of data scientists, data engineers, data analysts, and visualisers have deep experience in your industry. You can turn to the Academy for faster, efficient, reliable and cost-effective on-demand recruitment of big data and analytics resources. consultants can work on your short-term projects and bring you unparalleled value for your money. You can also buy consulting hours from experts that match your desired skills and expertise.  The Academy is doing something ground-breaking it is assembling some of the most prestigious talent in virtualised space, giving you the convenience and flexibility of hiring on-demand.

Help Businesses Grow Through Innovation

We can assist you to achieve your business goals by working in partnership with you on specific objective-based projects to reflect the culture and practical needs of the organisation.

We will be happy to arrange an initial, no-obligation meeting to discuss your requirements – we can either be used as a complete service; or we can tailor the various elements to your situation.

We use a range of leading edge tools, like Lifo to help you to identify skills gaps and construct effective programs to strengthen the productivity and confidence of your team in a conducive environment. This coupled with our management consultancy experience, skilled trainers and formidable armoury of course materials makes us the ideal partner to help you to drive your business forward.

Our academic coordinator works in close partnership with each client. They are on-hand to offer relevant advice and guidance throughout each project from the initial design stage through to completion.

Consultancy Services:

Machine Learning: With a team comprising consultants, we build smart, data driven products and solutions

NLP and Sentiment Analysis: We build knowledge discovery, information extraction, text classification, text mining and sentiment analysis systems using the state of the art in NLP.

Big Data: We work with one of the largest providers of financial sentiment and the world’s largest online work platform to fulfil their ML and NLP needs.

Cybersecurity: Our primary focus is to help build cyber resilient businesses that can not only protect themselves in cyberspace, but also swiftly recover and resume business operations when attacked.

Our Methodology:

 Needs Analysis: Scan needs and identify project Gap analysis

► Proposal: Agreed an outline proposal based on the results of the needs analysis and client needs.

► Design: We will design our services to meet agreed objectives and using the most appropriate approach for your situation.

► Delivery: We will therefore ensure that all agreed services are delivered according to specified objectives and quality standards.

 Evaluation:  We will produce a detailed evaluation of the overall project

► Follow-up:  We will either agree follow-up activities at the outset, or they may be agreed as a result of recommendations made at the evaluation stage.

These might include:

– On-going mentoring of key staff
– Progress analysis/reports
– Delivery of further courses

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