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CIPR Professional PR Master’s Diploma

Take a strategic approach to PR and prepare to lead at board level. More information on the new CIPR Professional PR Diploma can be found in the syllabus. Gain an advanced understanding of professional practice, including PR strategy and planning, content management, media and engagement, measurement and evaluation, and PR leadership. All underpinned by reference to ethics


Postgraduate Degree: CIPR Specialist in Digital Communication

The CIPR Specialist Diploma (Digital Communications) is designed for both generalist professionals who wish to enhance their knowledge of the discipline and for those looking to follow a career in digital communications. The syllabus  is taught and assessed at the same level as a postgraduate degree. WHAT DO I LEARN AND HOW IS IT ASSESSED? The Specialist


Professional Diploma in Corporate Happiness and Wellbeing

With the increasing stressors resulted from the complexity, uncertainty, and pressures of current work environments, awareness of the needs to enhance happiness and wellbeing at work has been increased. This awareness led to the spread of solutions and initiatives to enhance happiness at different levels worldwide. In recent years, Happiness gained special attention from the


Professional Diploma In Personnel Development And Talent Management

Introduction: Since the end of the 20th century, we live in the post-industrial era where competitive advantages of organisations and nations are no more built on geographical location or merely access to cheap resources. Rather, competition now is based on knowledge, access to information, advanced technologies, and competent human resources. Organisations cannot compete, or even


Professional Diploma In Human Resource Management And Emiratisation

Introduction: In recent years, labour market in UAE has been regulated with ambitious legal and policy interventions to ensure fair and just treatment of workers. Some of these interventions are dedicated to create employment opportunities for Emirati youth. These developments created a need for Human Resource Management (HRM) professionals to understand them and ensure that


Professional Diploma In Human Resource Management & Future Competencies

Introduction: In recent decades, humanity witnessed unprecedented pace of change. The way we work now is far different from the way we worked ten years ago. Demographic changes, technological advancements, global political disturbance, cultural diversity, and new organisational forms are just few examples of the change trends that affect work and workers. In the near


Kids Campus: Young Talent Development And Discovery Programme

Introduction This program is a series of creative technology events for kids aged 7 to 10 and teens aged 11 to 15. We give participants tools and materials to express their creativity in community with others. Tools that allow young talent to be curious and compassionate towards each other and the world around them. The


Managing Creativity and Innovation In Anticipating The Future

Introduction: Senior leaders and employees at different levels of the career hierarchy in institutions looking for advancement and excellence need organisational creativity skills in the way of thinking, work and achievement in anticipating the future in light of the presence of many challenges and threats to institutions, as many institutions have become in a purely


Leading Through Digital Disruption

INTRODUCTION: In our digital economy, disruptions are occurring every day. To stay ahead, businesses must prepare for the disruptive changes that might impact them, or develop disruptions themselves through their own transformation. In order to do this, leaders must have a clear vision of their organisation’s digital strategy. This requires an understanding of how to


Creative Thinking: Innovative Solutions To Complex Challenges

INTRODUCTION: The most successful executives are inspiring leaders, smart strategists—and creative thinkers. Across every business function, creativity is central to solving complex problems, developing new strategies, facilitating innovation, and driving change within the organisation. This program focuses on how to build a competitive advantage by fostering a creative culture that sparks inspiration, collaboration, and innovation.