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Conclusion of Online Conference

Conclusion of Online Conference

Maniatech Academy concluded the activities of its distance learning conference under the title: Future Foresight and Information Technology (A New World in the Hand of Technology), which was held online via its interactive educational platform, which
was developed by academy experts in the UK, which allows and facilitates the effective and complete communication process between the speakers and all participants.

The conference lasted for three days, started on Friday, July 3rd , until Sunday 5th 2020, in which it addressed several different topics, the most important of which are: innovation and future foresight, the role of institutional agility in future directions, education and its importance in preparing for the future, overcoming the challenges facing the education sector, including students and teachers, and equipping them To keep pace with the future, as well as cybersecurity and artificial intelligence, and the role of applications and new technologies in shaping  the future.

The conference brought together many technology experts, government consultants, and international experts and innovation sciences, as well as researchers in the educational sector, to showcase innovations and modern studies in business administration,
education, and technology. The conference was attended by about 250 participants. The attendance was distributed among many countries, including: United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Sultanate of Oman, Jordan, Algeria, Kuwait, and the United

At the conclusion of the conference, Dr. Wissam Steitie, the Chief Executive Officer of the Academy (Dubai Branch) said: << This conference was a prominent example of teaching, learning and transfer of knowledge to achieve a quick and graceful jump
towards the future. In fact, there is a lot to think about, and we are keen to persevere in this path in order to educate and develop Arab leaders the importance of adopting technology in all our future plans among all sectors with the need to pay
attention and preserve our digital information that will be vulnerable to piracy and theft. If this digital activity has contributed or enlightened minds and thoughts in any way towards this direction, then our success in the conference can be judged.

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